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Sample Machining, Inc d.b.a. Bitec was founded in 1985 by Beverly E. Bleicher with the objective of supplying world class quality and custom machined components to critical application industries. We are located in Dayton, Ohio in a modern facility with state of the art equipment.

Our focus on quality, process control, employee training, and relationship sharing with our customers sets us apart from others. We are a customer driven firm with years of experience in custom machining, working with diverse industries supplying precision machining requirements in titanium, aluminum, stainless and a variety of other nickel based alloys. We have provided components for aerospace, automotive, medical device, amusement, industrial machine building industries, and many others.

Bitec is a major supplier of complex machined components to leading companies industry wide. We leverage our industry expertise and manufacturing capabilities to seek new opportunities through conventional sub-contracting or formal partnership arrangements.

Our ongoing goal is to produce a product that satisfies the performance, quality, reliability, and safety requirements of our customers. Since inception we have added services such as Assembly, Inventory management, and consignment. As a result, we are a valuable member of our customerís supply chain, assisting them in supplying world class systems worldwide. A relationship built upon value. A relationship built upon integrity. A relationship built upon mutual success.

Service Philosophy

World Class customer service, through a proactive analysis of what the customer needs, leave nothing to chance when ensuring customer satisfaction. We recognize that an effective service effort goes far beyond merely selling products or services; it demands that priority be given to increasing the customer's productivity, which can only be measured through the customer's increased revenues or reduced costs. Thus, the added value offered is the improvement of the customer's business results.

From this perspective, a World-Class customer service department must assist their customers in ways that were never before considered, and may even appear to have little to do with the products or services they sell.

To provide the customer with these value-added services, our entire organization has embraced a customer, performance driven culture that wholeheartedly supports the customerís needs.

A performance-driven culture focuses on continuous improvement, not just meeting the expectations of today. The control process requires ongoing measurements as a sale progresses, not after the fact, and at each step of the way there should exist a checkpoint to ensure the process is working and that the focus continues to be on satisfying customers' needs Our systems of management are truly our own. From the optimization of job processing design, and procurement of raw material, to the moment your components leave the shop floor, every facet of the Bitec manufacturing process is driven by one underlying factor; the commitment we have made to your customer.

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