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Core Competencies


Bitec is ready to provide you with prototype, short run or volume production of the custom product you need. Our precision machining techniques allow us to efficiently produce components that are instrumental for the major manufacturers' who are looking for quality, competitive cost, on time delivery, process control, customer service, flexibility and most importantly high ethical standards.

Our employees are second to none in the areas of skill, craftsmanship, and total dedication. We bring you the most modern technology available in our industry to serve you faster and more cost effectively. The company’s strategy is long-term and focused on partnering relationships that trust the manufacturing of their parts to the expertise of this skilled workforce.

We can customize machining processes for components and subsystems to fit any need. We offer custom CNC milling, turning, OD grinding, thread grinding, wire and conventional EDM or machining of forging, castings, or bar stock. Bitec is ready to solve your problems with a quality solution. The cellular manufacturing style used allows for increased throughput, decreased costs, lessened lead-times and higher reliabilities and repeatability.

Job Planning and Job Tracking are two key elements in producing high-quality parts on time. With the use of job shop-oriented software and visual aids, jobs are planned and tracked throughout the production process. We use SurfCam Software to program our CNC equipment. IGES and DXF files are compatible with SurfCam. We have also purchased Partmaker to aid in the engineering and development for our products.

Our Mechanical Assembly Department is capable of tasks as simple as helicoil installation or as complex as a 200-piece-precision assembly. This ability allows us to supply our customers with a complete product. We can purchase raw castings, supply finished-machined parts, purchase required hardware, and deliver a complete assembly. You will find components we've produced in aircraft engines and braking systems of major commercial and military aircraft, medical devices, industrial power generation, and other systems requiring critical tolerance qualifications and process control.

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