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Quality Control


Quality control is the most important part of our manufacturing process. Our proven performance has met the approval of all five branches of the military, and BITEC's quality system meets the requirements of DOD, DOE, NASA and the FAA. Meeting aerospace and military specifications is a finely tuned capability, yet MIL-SPEC and other special procedures are an everyday occurrence for BITEC.


AS9100:2004 Rev. B Eagle
Registration Number 3111
NADCAP (Through 10/98)
ISO 9001:2000 Eagle Registration Number 3111  General Electric S400 A, Z Approved
Starret Coordinate Measuring Machine

Core Strengths of our Quality System:

  • Contract Review

  • Document/Data Control

  • Documented Work Instructions

  • Process Control Verification ( Low Stress Grinding/Polishing Process)

  • Documented In-process and Final Inspection

  • Material Traceability and Identification

  • Serialization Control System

  • Automated Gage Calibration System

  • Corrective/Preventive Action
    (Utilizing Root Cause Analysis )

  • Team Cross Training

  • Safety Training

  • Machine Maintenance

Starret Coordinate Measuring Machine  
Deltronic Optical Comparitor  
Deltronic Optical Comparitor  
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